Australian Committee of Natural Therapies


ACONT is a TGA Schedule 1 listed association (Therapeutic Goods Act 1990, Section 42AA, Attachment 2).

ACONT offers two types of memberships these being: 

Schedule 1 Practitioner and Student (for students studying a corse eligible for TGA Schedule 1 Exemption membership).

ACONT does not participate in Private Health Fund rebating which helps to lower its administration costs 
and enables ACONT to offer very affordable membership rates:
Schedule 1 Practitioner Member: $150 per year (Jan – Dec)
Student Membership: Free
If you are a TGA Schedule 1 listed profession, you must be a member of a TGA Schedule 1 listed association to receive TGA Schedule 1 exemption status under the Therapeutic Goods Act (1989, 1990).
See Membership Application form for ACONT’s Schedule 1 eligibility criteria and description of membership categories.
Over time, ACONT has predominantly come to represent TGA Schedule 1 Exemption members; to this end, as of Jan 1st 2021 the membership categories of ‘Practitioner Membership’ and ‘Corporate Membership will become legacy categories

View the membership form for contact information of current ACONT custodian